We aim to be a partner of choice by increasing the local content of our business and by working to create positive impacts from our business and supporting development in host countries.

Because the nature of our business requires highly specialised skills and technology, there is always a risk that direct benefits are confined to a relatively small minority, leaving others potentially excluded.

We aim to recruit locally, by demonstrating that we are a good employer that offers a safe working environment and attractive training opportunities, and builds future growth on local competence. We promote local sourcing and work with local businesses, suppliers and contractors where they exist, and invest in developing sustainable and competitive local enterprises.We support education and skills development in the local community and among our suppliers and contractors to build lasting capacity and to help them develop the skills, standards and certifications required for them to work in the oil and gas industry.Our business generates substantial direct and indirect economic activity. In 2009, the group recorded a profit of NOK 121.6 billion before financial items, other items, taxes and minority interests. Excluding petroleum products, the group purchased goods and services valued at NOK 129.7 billion. The group paid NOK 125.8 billion in direct and indirect taxes. Economic activity relating to direct and indirect employment and dividend paid to the owners come in addition.In 2009 we have invested in skills and capacity-building among local employees, potential recruits and communities in Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Canada, Iran and Venezuela, and have contributed to the development of local suppliers in Azerbaijan, Canada, Georgia and Russia, among others.

We are constantly seeking to deepen our commitments in sustainable investments in order to ensure maximised value creation for all stakeholders in the countries in which we operate.

What are the challenges?

  • Balance between social/environmental responsibility and actual financial returns
  • Engaging local suppliers and talent in working together to maximise value creation at all levels
  • Climate issues
  • Creating a safe environment for all employees, both internal and external
  • Make sure that acting responsibly makes Statoil a legitimate partner in developing resources for many years to come
  • Deepening the involvement and engagement of local communities in the business that Statoil conducts.

What have we done?

  • Engaged local suppliers
  • Social investments
  • Developed local skills
  • Significant financial contributions to the economy, both directly and indirectly
  • Increased focus on investments in renewables
  • Played an active role in broadening the supplier base in new countries.

Selected figures from the business 2009 2008 Change
Taxes, bonuses and royalties      
Income taxes paid in NOK billion 98.5 139.6 (29 %)
Indirect taxes paid in NOK billion 27.3 32.8 (17 %)
Signature bonuses paid in NOK billion 1.4 2.3 (38 %)
  Value of profit oil in NOK billion 18.6 28.4 (35 %)
Capital providers      
Proposed dividend in NOK billion 19.1 25.0 (24 %)
  Interest paid on loans in NOK billion 2.9 2.8 5 %
Employment and recruiting      
Approximate number of employees 28700 29500 (3 %)
  Pay and social benefits in NOK billion 27.1 26.3 3 %
Approximate number of suppliers 18500 26000 (29 %)
  Goods and services purchased (invoiced value) in NOK billion 129.7 123.3 5 %
Investment in own business operations in NOK billion 85.0 95.0 (11 %)
  Social investment in NOK million 206.8 233.0 (11 %)
Research and Development      
  Investment in research and development in NOK billion 2.1 2.2 (6 %)