We have long worked systematically to improve the working environment, focus on monitoring activities and involve employees in the improvement work.

The most important tool in this area is Statoil's annual organisation and working environment survey, the global people survey (GPS). This survey provides an opportunity for our employees to give feedback on their current work situation and on issues that are vital to their well-being and effectiveness.

The results from the GPS survey from 2009 show that people are proud of their workplace. In 2009, 81% report that they strongly agree or agree that they speak of Statoil as being a great company to work for to their friends. The results also show strong identification with our values, with 78% reporting that they strongly agree or agree that they identify with Statoil's values. As we aim to create an inclusive working environment, it is meaningful to see that men and women in different age groups value aspects of the culture equally. The figures below show how men and women and people in different age groups reported on a scale from 1 to 6 on selected key questions in 2009.

The global people survey is closely linked to the corporate people strategy. Input from the survey forms the basis for several corporate key performance indicators (KPI). Statoil's "living the values" KPI represents the ability to incorporate our values into day-to-day work. The target for 2009 was 4.6, and we managed a result of 4.8. The People@Statoil KPI consists of two different elements: the completion rate for the People@Statoil-dialogue, and an index score for seven questions posed to all employees concerning the quality of the process. The scores from 2009 form the baseline for the KPI. In 2009 the completion rate was 92% and the score on the quality index was 4,5, where 6 is the highest possible score. The target for 2010 is 95% completion and 4.6 on quality.

Service station staff and truck drivers in the retail business complete a GPS that is customised to their needs and aligned with their strategic priorities. The general findings from this survey show that they are very satisfied with their working conditions, with 71% reporting that they would be happy to recommend Statoil as a great place to work, and 67% saying that they are proud to work for Statoil.