The provision of employee training is an important part of our commitment to respecting human rights in our operations. Our training aims to provide an overview of our policies and commitments to human rights, including core labour standards, raise awareness of our corporate responsibility to respect human rights, and educate our staff on available approaches, tools and resources to promote respect for human rights in our operations.

Human rights' awareness training is integrated into our general training in corporate social responsibility. Of note in 2009, all new staff received an introduction to our human rights' commitments as part of our group-wide training for new employees. More in-depth human rights' awareness sessions were also integrated into our project management training, and they were offered to project managers and project members across the organisation. As part of our review of labour rights' risks in our supply chain, we also conducted specialised awareness sessions with the senior management teams in all business areas, key procurement managers and staff, as well as relevant staff in four countries of operation.