The following table shows our Norwegian and international entitlement production of crude oil and natural gas for the periods indicated. The stated production volumes are the volumes that Statoil is entitled to pursuant to conditions laid down in licence agreements and production sharing agreements. The production volumes are net of royalty oil paid in kind and of gas used for fuel and flaring. Our production is based on our proportionate participation in fields with multiple owners and does not include production of the Norwegian state's oil and natural gas. Production of an immaterial quantity of bitumen is included in crude oil production. Disclosures for the years end 31 December 2010 and 2009 are based on the SEC's revised requirements for geographical areas applicable starting in 2009 which were applied prospectively. The information for 2008 was not restated.

  For the year ended 31 December
Entitlement production 2010 2009 2008
Crude oil (mmbbls)1 256 279 302
Natural gas (bcf) 1,370 1,367 1,348
Natural gas (bcm) 38.8 38.7 38.2
Combined oil and gas (mmboe) 500 523 542
Eurasia excluding Norway
Crude oil (mmbbls)1 18 19 n/a
Natural gas (bcf) 51 49 n/a
Natural gas (bcm) 1.4 1.4 n/a
Combined oil and gas (mmboe) 27 28 n/a
Crude oil (mmbbls)1 53 63 n/a
Natural gas (bcf) 41 54 n/a
Natural gas (bcm) 1.2 1.5 n/a
Combined oil and gas (mmboe) 60 73 n/a
Crude oil (mmbbls)1 26 20 n/a
Natural gas (bcf) 47 48 n/a
Natural gas (bcm) 1.3 1.4 n/a
Combined oil and gas (mmboe) 34 29 n/a
Outside Norway
Crude oil (mmbbls)1 n/a n/a 85
Natural gas (bcf) n/a n/a 121
Natural gas (bcm) n/a n/a 3.4
Combined oil and gas (mmboe) n/a n/a 106
Crude oil (mmbbls)1 352 381 386
Natural gas (bcf) 1,509 1,519 1,469
Natural gas (bcm) 42.8 43.0 41.6
Combined oil and gas (mmboe) 621 652 648
1) Crude oil includes natural gas liquids (NGL), condensate and bitumen. NGL includes both LPG and naphta.