The new corporate structure is presented in the section Organisational structure.

In this chapter, the operations of each reporting segment are presented. Underlying activities or business clusters are presented according to how the reporting segment organises its operations. However, the Exploration operating segment's activities, which include group discoveries and the appraisal of new exploration resources, are presented as part of the various development and production reporting segments (Development and Production Norway and Development and Production International).

The operating segments TPD and GSB are included in the reporting segment Other.

As required by the SEC, Statoil prepares its disclosures about oil and gas reserves and certain other supplementary oil and gas disclosures based upon geographical area. The geographical areas are defined by country and continent. They consist of Norway, Eurasia excluding Norway, Africa and the Americas.

For further information about disclosures concerning oil and gas reserves and certain other supplementary disclosures based upon geographical area as required by the SEC, see the sections Production volumes and price information and Proved oil and gas reserves.