In January 2011, Statoil accepted a NOK 3.0 million fine. The fine was issued in December 2010 and was related to an accident in September 2008 when, during removal work, an external hired worker was seriously injured by a falling object.

Statoil obtains licences from Alberta Environment to use surface water during winter drilling campaigns. The water is mainly utilised to freeze ice roads for transportation of equipment (Statoil does not use surface water in its oil sands production process). In November 2011, Statoil accepted NOK 1.05 million in penalties for contravention of the terms or conditions of its licence to withdraw water between December 2008 and May 2009. The penalty consisted of a 5,000 CAN fine and a creative sentencing order in the amount of 185,000 CAN to be put towards the creation of an online training portal to communicate best practices for surface water diversion to the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Statoil had been underestimating water withdrawal from an approved location by withdrawing water from two waterholes not included in the licence, by using an intake screen with a larger opening than authorised, and by not properly measuring water diversion pursuant to the requirements in the licence. There was no pollution associated with Statoil's water use or breach of its licence.

In 2011, Statoil did not receive any orders from the Petroleum Safety Authority in Norway.