The Statoil 2011 reorganisation accelerated the development of new managers and significantly increased the proportion of female and international leaders.

To accelerate the performance of our top management teams we delivered a top team alignment process. The process focused on aligning teams around the most essential leadership and management focus areas. We also supported a large number of newly appointed senior managers through transition coaching to enable them to make a swifter and easier transition to their new positions.

We believe on-the-job learning and stretch assignments are important to strengthen skills, knowledge and competencies. Deployment of our people is a key enabler to accelerate people development. During 2011, 3,800 leaders and employees, representing 18% of the total workforce, moved to a different role. Approximately 800 moved to a position in a new business area.

We have implemented a talent management system to improve the tracking and follow-up of talents and strengthen succession planning for critical positions. In addition, we have launched a framework for mentoring graduates as part of our leadership development programme. This programme is designed to strengthen the development of leadership talents through a systematic mentoring programme in which mentors and mentees are matched across business areas.

Building excellence in operational leadership has also been a priority in 2011, and this work will continue in 2012 in order to support safe, efficient and reliable production in a global environment.

Statoil has launched a corporate initiative called "compliance and leadership" to improve quality in the way we work by reinforcing the interaction between leadership, risk management and governance. A rigorous training concept for the whole organisation has been launched to support the implementation. The compliance and leadership principles will also be institutionalised in Statoil's work processes, leadership development programmes and operating model.

The fact box below provides an overview of training and development activites centrally registered in the Statoil Academy from 2009 to 2011.

  2011 2010 2009
Number of participants who have completed learning programmes 79,669 79,251 76,120
Total number of course participation days 141,903 138,475 133,492
Registration for e-learning programmes 75,689 50,019 59,555
Number of leaders participating in corporate leadership development programmes 1,166 1,237 448
Total number of participation days in leadership development programmes 5,212 5,025 2,856