Our Global People Survey confirms that we have a highly comitted and engaged workforce. Employees respond that they are satisfied, proud, enthusiastic and committed to working for Statoil. The level of trust and confidence between employees and their leaders is high. Employees state that they have clear goals and strong support from their colleagues and teams. They recognise Statoil as a company with strong values, integrity and social responsibility, and our values and ethics code of conduct are embedded into the way we work.

We will continue to strengthen our global operating capabilities by developing high-performing managers and teams, a learning and innovative organisation, and simpler and more cost consious ways of working.

Statoil 2011

Statoil's corporate restructuring in 2011 established a new corporate structure and leadership to support our ability to maximise the potential of the Norwegian continental shelf while further pursuing international opportunities. Statoil 2011 had three key drivers - globalisation, simplification and renewal.


Statoil 2011 represents a significant milestone on Statoil's journey towards globalisation. The establishment of two business areas outside Norway reflects our ambition to accelerate our international growth. We endeavour to ensure a "one Statoil" approach by implementing TheStatoil Book and further defining core non-negotiable factors. This requires a sharp and steady focus on simplifying our requirements and standards.


Statoil`s management underwent a significant renewal as a result of Statoil 2011. The appointment of three international executives of British and American nationality to the corporate executive committee serves as a strong example. To deliver on our growth ambitions, we are increasing our diversity by developing and recruiting managers and other professionals with international experience. We are also working hard to develop organisations in our key international business locations with a strong local talent base and leadership pipeline.


The new corporate structure aims to provide clearer accountability and more effective decision-making across business areas. Further simplification and effective collaboration are key priorities in our efforts to further strengthen our organisational and operational capabilities.

The figure below shows how our employees reported in our 2011 Global People Survey on a scale from 1 to 6 (6 is highest) on selected key questions regarding Statoils ambition, trust in top management, enthusiasm and ability to change.