The provision of employee training is an important part of our endeavours to respect human rights and prevent potential human rights violations from occurring in our business activities and business relationships.

Awareness training

Human rights awareness training is integrated into our general training in corporate social responsibility. The training includes an overview of our policies and commitments to human rights, core labour standards, awareness of our corporate responsibility to respect human rights, and the approaches, tools and resources devoted to promoting respect for human rights in our operations.

In addition to the overall human rights awareness and training that is an integrated part of our general training in corporate social responsibility, specialised training is also available on topics such as core labour standards and human rights and labour standards in the supply chain.

Knowing our commitment

As in previous years, all new employees are given an introduction to our commitment to human rights and labour standards as part of the group-wide training of new employees.

More in-depth human rights awareness training is an integrated part of the project management training we offer to project managers and project members across the organisation. As part of our review of labour rights risks in our supply chain, we conduct special awareness sessions with the senior management teams in all business areas, key procurement staff and relevant staff in our country offices.

Further enhancement

Human rights-related issues are also discussed by the company's ethics committees and the corporate executive committee, and they were the subject of several sessions this year.

In 2011, we reviewed our company-wide training and awareness initiatives to identify what further improvement is required to ensure consistency with the recently launched UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The identified areas for improvement will be followed up in 2012. In addition, we are participating in a joint industry initiative at IPIECA to improve human rights training and awareness relevant to the oil and gas industry.