Brazil is an attractive country for Statoil to do business. Since the opening of the E&P market to private and foreign players in 1997, Brazil has demonstrated a considerable resource potential and provides an attractive and stable investment environment.

Brazil is also a country where we can fully apply our offshore technology expertise developed on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Statoil is already well established in Brazil. We are currently the operator and hold a 60% stake in the large Peregrino field 85 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and 7 exploration licences.

Statoil also cooperates with the national oil company Petrobras with a number of commercial and technological agreements in place.


Official name: Federal Republic of Brazil, República Federativa do Brasil 
Capital: Brasilia
Population: about 190 million
Form of government: Federal republic
Language: Portuguese (official)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Currency: Real


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