The results of operations largely depend on a number of factors, most significantly those that affect the price for volumes sold.

Specifically, such factors include liquids and natural gas prices, exchange rates, liquids and natural gas production volumes, which in turn depend on entitlement volumes under profit sharing agreements and available petroleum reserves, Statoil's, as well as our partners' expertise and co-operation in recovering oil and natural gas from those reserves, and changes in Statoil's portfolio of assets due to acquisitions and disposals.


The illustration shows how certain changes in crude oil prices (a substitute for liquids prices), natural gas contract prices and the USD/NOK exchange rate, if sustained for a full year, could impact our net operating income. Changes in commodity prices, currency and interest rates may result in income or expense for the period as well as changes in the fair value of derivatives in the balance sheet.

The illustration is not intended to be exhaustive with respect to risks that have or may have a material impact on the cash flows and results of operation. See the annual report for 2011 and the 2011 Annual Report on Form 20-F for a more detailed discussion of the risks to which Statoil is exposed.