An estimated 62.7% of our total payments and contributions went to the Norwegian State. Of the remainder, an estimated 12.8% went to North Africa and Europe (including Russia and the Caspian region), 17.1% went to sub-Saharan Africa, and 6.9% to the Middle East and Asia. Of the total amount, we paid NOK 118 billion in tax on income and NOK 32.6 billion in indirect taxes. Direct and indirect taxes paid in Norway amounted to NOK 119.8 billion. Direct and indirect taxes paid outside Norway totalled NOK 30.8 billion.

In-kind contributions

Based on production sharing agreements, depending on the value of petroleum and the requirements stipulated in the agreements, we also made in-kind contributions ("profit oil") estimated at NOK 40.4 billion towards government finances in six countries (Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Iran and Nigeria). We also paid a total of NOK 5 million in bonuses for licences in Indonesia and Mozambique.

Financial disclosure

In many of the countries in which we operate, the finances that we provide are often the main source of government revenue. If managed well, these funds can be translated into vital services and infrastructure required for sustained economic and social development. However, transparency and accountability are necessary in order to ensure that the wealth derived from energy resources is used to full effect. To this end, we publish the revenues, investments, taxes and other contributions that we pay in all countries in which we operate and support the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). 

Note: Payments and contributions to governments in North and South America are approximately 0.6% of overall payments, and therefore do not figure above.