The HSE and ethics committee (the committee) is chaired by Roy Franklin. Its other members are Marit Arnstad, Bjørn Tore Godal and Lill-Heidi Bakkerud.

In its business activities, Statoil is committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations and acting in an ethical, sustainable, safe and socially responsible manner. The new committee has been established to support this commitment. The committee assists the board of directors in its supervision of the company's health, safety and environment (HSE), ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, systems and principles.

The experience since the committee's establishment one year ago is that the committee has contributed to further increasing the board of directors' focus on and knowledge of these complex, important and constantly evolving areas. Dedicated meetings make it possible to address these areas in greater depth and build a platform of understanding for the overall work of the board of directors. The committee acts as a preparatory body for the board of directors and, among other things, monitors and assesses the practising, development and implementation of policies, systems and principles within the areas of HSE, ethics and CSR.

Significant incidents related to HSE or breaches of the company's ethics policy have been raised and discussed, with particular focus on the lessons learned and the management's response.

In relation to HSE, the committee is informed about major changes in policies, systems and principles, the management's assessment of HSE risks relating to the company's activities, planned HSE audits and HSE audits with significant findings.

Amendments to the group's Ethics Code of Conduct are decided by the board of directors, and the new committee will submit an annual recommendation to the board of directors concerning amendments other than those related to "financial matters", which are covered by the mandate of the board's audit committee.

For a more detailed description of the objective, duties and composition of the committee, see Instructions for the Board's HSE and ethics committee, which is available at