Our international growth exposes us - whether directly through our own operations or indirectly through our supply chain - to areas of the world where human rights and good working conditions may be at risk.

We make every effort to operate our business in a way that respects human rights and labour standards. Together with the International Labour Organization's (ILO) 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights forms the basis for our commitment. Furthermore,  we actively support the Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) and the United Nations Global Compact Principles.

We respect and promote fundamental labour rights and standards, such as decent wages, the regulation of working hours, the prohibition on child or forced labour, and freedom of association and collective bargaining.

 While practices of association may vary in different countries in accordance with local standards, we endeavour in all our operations to involve our employees and their appropriate representatives in the development of the company.We believe in diversity and equality of opportunity and prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace, be it based on race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, political views or national or ethnic origin. We also recognise the special rights of indigenous peoples.