Truck and lorry drivers who deliver fuel for Statoil Fuel & Retail (SFR) in Norway are required to complete a safety course every three years.

The course seeks to ensure that they have appropriate skills and attitudes to traffic safety, and focuses on practical exercises ranging from driving on slippery roads to defensive and economical driving in traffic. It also includes time in a simulator capable of reconstructing traffic accidents, so that drivers can experience virtual emergency situations.

Since initiating this course, SFR has observed a reduction in the accident rate among its truck drivers. Similar courses in Sweden and Denmark have also resulted in reductions in accident rates.

In Sweden, the programme for lorry drivers also includes "Heavy Eco" driving training. This training focuses on driving behaviour that reduces fuel consumption and, in turn, contributes to reducing the lorries' impact on the environment. In addition to this training, all new additions to the SFR truck fleet are fitted with engines that meet or exceed the new Euro 5 emissions standards.

SFR also organised a number of public road safety campaigns in 2010 in Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.