As of 31 December 2011, SFR had a network of 2,305 fuel stations across its eight countries of operation, comprising a combination of full-service stations - which have integrated convenience stores - and automated fuel stations and truck stops. Of these,1,739 fuel stations are located in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and 566 are located in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.

SFR was established in May 2010 as a separate legal entity within the Statoil group. In October 2010, Statoil ASA transferred all activities relating to the fuel and retail business to SFR. Following an initial public offering, the shares of SFR were listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs) on 22 October 2010. Statoil ASA is the majority shareholder in SFR, holding 54% of the shares. SFR's results are consolidated in Statoil ASA's financial statements.

In addition, SFR is involved in the sale of stationary energy (mainly heating oil, kerosene, LPG and heavy fuel for industrial purposes) and marine fuel (marine gas oil and heavy fuel) as well as aviation fuel, lubricants and chemicals.