Fields in production

The In Salah onshore gas development, in which Statoil has a 31.9% interest, is Algeria's third-largest gas development. The field is currently producing at plateau level of around 130 mboe per day.

A contract of association, including mechanisms for revenue sharing, governs the rights and obligations of the joint operatorship between Sonatrach, BP and Statoil.

In the In Salah Gas Compression Project, gas compression facilities were installed on the three existing northern fields in 2010, and compression has started on all three fields.

The In Amenas onshore development is the fourth-largest gas development in Algeria. It contains significant liquid volumes. Production efficiency is high, although occasional capacity restrictions due to priorities in the export pipeline system remain an issue.

The facilities are operated through a joint operatorship between Sonatrach, BP and Statoil where Statoil's share of the investments (working interest) is 45.9%. Production has reached plateau level. The rights and obligations are governed by a production sharing contract that gives BP and Statoil access to a share of the liquid volumes. A continuous production drilling campaign is ongoing.

Fields in development

The In Salah Southern Field Development Project was sanctioned in late 2010. This project will mature the remaining four discoveries into production. It is planned to come on stream in the first half of 2014. The southern fields will tie in to existing facilities in the northern fields.

The In Amenas Gas Compression Project, which is led by BP, was sanctioned in late 2010. The compressors are expected to come on stream early in 2013. This will make it possible to reduce well head pressure and maintain the contractual production commitment.

The Hassi Mouina exploration phase has been extended until September 2012 . Statoil is currently assessing the technical solutions for and the commercial attractiveness of a potential development.