Natural Gas (NG) is also responsible for marketing gas originating from the SDFI. NG also manages Statoil's asset ownership in gas infrastructure, such as the processing and transportation system for Norwegian gas (Gassled).

NG's business is conducted from Norway (Stavanger) and from offices in Belgium, the UK, Germany, Turkey, Azerbaijan and the USA (Houston and Stamford).

In 2011, we sold 36.1 bcm (1.3 tcf) of natural gas from the NCS on our own behalf, in addition to approximately 33.5 bcm (1.2 tcf) of NCS gas on behalf of the Norwegian state. Statoil's total European gas sales, including third-party gas, amounted to 79.8 bcm (2.9 tcf) in 2011 of which 39.5 bcm (1.4 tcf) was gas sold on behalf of the Norwegian state.

In addition, we sold 5.5 bcm (0.2 tcf) of gas originating from our international positions, mainly in Azerbaijan and the USA, of which 2.7 bcm (0.1 tcf) was entitlement gas.

We are a significant shipper in the NCS pipeline system owned by Gassled*, which is the world's largest offshore gas pipeline transportation system, totalling approximately 8,100 kilometres. This network links gas fields on the NCS with processing plants on the Norwegian mainland and with terminals at six landing points located in France, Germany, Belgium and the UK. It thereby gives us access to customers throughout Europe.

*Statoil had a 5% ownership interest in the system at the end of 2011.