The challenges

Statoil is broadening its portfolio into new geographies and new business activities, such as deep waters, heavy oil and shale gas. At the same time, Statoil continues to focus on the Norwegian continental shelf to fully maximise its potential. To succeed in these activities, Statoil must secure the right people capabilities by attracting and developing talent across key markets.

What we are doing

At the beginning of 2011 a new corporate structure was established to provide optimal support by ensuring that we maximise the potential of the Norwegian continental shelf and that we fully leverage international growth business opportunities.

Our global people policy aim to ensure consistent and common standards and practises across the organisation. Together with our values, ethics and code of conduct, our people policy are the most important guidelines for our people processes. We endeavour to ensure a good match between employees' professional interests and goals and the needs of the business. Through our global development and deployment process, we seek to offer challenging and meaningful job opportunities. We remain committed to providing financial and non-financial rewards that attract and motivate the right people, and we continue to focus on equal opportunities for all employees.

Attraction and recruitment

  • During 2011, Statoil maintained its employer-of-choice status in Norway among technical and business economics students and professionals. We have increased our focus on security in the

recruitment process, performing background checks on all relevant candidates

  • We increasingly recruit from a global talent base, thereby increasing the diversity of our



Development and deployment

  • Through the Statoil 2011 reorganisation, we have accelerated the development of new managers and significantly increased the proportion of female and international leaders.
  • Following the 2011

reorganisation, Statoil carried out a top team alignment process to accelerate the performance of our top management teams and supported a large number of the newly appointed senior executives through transition

coaching to enable a swifter and easier transition to their new positions.


Performance and reward

  • Statoil's people policy promote an open and non-discriminatory reward and compensation system that supports equal opportunities and a consistent reward

approach across all groups.

  • In 2011 the reward concept was developed to strengthen our competitive position in defined local markets.


Organisational capabilities and change

  • Throughout 2011 the majority of our workforce remained proud, enthusiastic and committed to working for Statoil, as indicated in our latest Global People Survey.
  • Based on our three drivers for

the Statoil 2011 change process - globalisation, simplification and renewal - a new corporate structure was implemented on 1 January 2011. Statoils Global People Survey results indicate that employees have embraced
the change and have trust in the new leadership.


Employee and industrial relations

  • In 2011 a new global employee relations strategy was approved and launched in the company.
  • During 2011 management and employee representatives in Statoil ASA have collaborated

closely in important processes.