Meeting the challenges

Wherever we operate, our decisions revolve around their impact on our interests and those of the societies around us.

Our presence in a society is often a long-term one. The time frame of our projects typically spans several decades. Our business thus depends on our ability to understand and respond to the needs and interests of stakeholders. We have an obligation to demonstrate that, on the whole, the benefits of our presence outweigh the potential downsides. It is our responsibility to generate and maintain support from local people and their communities from the time we decide to enter a new area until the day we exit.

How we do it

Our corporate social responsibility policy reflects our commitment to cultivating sustainable development based on our core activities in the countries in which we operate. We endeavour to achieve this by making decisions based on how they impact on our interests and the interests of the societies around us. We endeavour to ensure transparency, promote anti-corruption and respect for human rights and labour standards, as well as contributing to local content by developing skills and opportunities in the societies in which we operate.

Our achievements

In 2011, we progressively strengthened compliance with our policies and standards for social responsibility, human rights, ethics and anti-corruption across our operations.

This section on society summarises the challenges we have encountered and our achievements in these areas.