The process translates ambitions and strategies into:

  • Strategic objectives - where are we going?
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) - how do we measure progress?
  • Actions - how do we get there?
  • Individual goals - what is my contribution?

Strategic objectives, KPIs and actions are set in five perspectives:

  • People and organisation
  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Operations
  • Market
  • Finance

These five perspectives are interdependent and have a cause-and-effect relationship, starting with people and organisation. Together, they address what creates and drives good performance in both the short and the long term, with the focus on all stakeholders. A risk-based approach is used to define actions across all perspectives.

The Ambition and Action process is applied across the company and used directly or indirectly to set delivery goals for all employees. In addition, all employees have behaviour goals. This contributes to ensuring sustainable business results by providing a balanced focus on what we deliver and how we deliver. Behaviour goals are defined by Statoil values and leadership expectations. Delivery and behaviour are equally valued in individual performance evaluations, which form the basis for development plans and rewards for all employees.