We operate the In Salah dry gas and In Amenas gas and condensate fields together with BP and the Algerian state oil and gas company Sonatrach.

On 16 January 2013 In Amenas was the target of a terrorist attack. 40 people were killed during this international act of terrorism. 5 of these were Statoil employees. The description of our operations at In Amenas in these pages refer to how the field is operated under normal circumstances.

Our participation in the financing of Capex and Opex in the In Salah gas field is 31,85% while for In Amenas we finance 46% of Capex and 12,5 of Opex.

Our entitlements (cost oil and profit oil) in these two Licenses are defined in the productions sharing agreements.

On the sidebar you will find a link to a page that contains links to articles published on www.statoil.com following the terror attack on the In Amenas facility in Algeria on 16 January 2013. You will also find links to other relevant information about the tragic event on this page.