Owner Relations – USA 

In order to address our interest owners' questions and concerns, Statoil has established an Owner Relations website. Here you will find how to contact Statoil, answers to our frequently asked questions and a description of your Interest Owner Statement.

Owner Relations

Phone number: 1-866-697-0454

Email: OwnerRelations@statoil.com

Questions concerning Revenue Payments, Revenue Statements, 1099's, Division Orders, Ownership Changes, Address Changes, Name Changes, Ownership Interest, leases, Joint Interest Billing and other general questions.

Electronic Payments and Statements and to Receive Electronic Payments

Website to create a User ID and Password for online access to your monthly statements.

Notice to our owners

Statoil has made several enhancements to our revenue payment system:

  • Your check and statement are now in one envelope.
  • Online access to your monthly statements.
  • An electronic payment option in lieu of a physical check and statement can be found HERE. Click on the link to create a user ID and password for online access to your monthly statements.
  • It is important to always keep your address up to date with Statoil so we are able to send correspondence, including 1099’s, to the correct address. Please see our FAQS and change of address form .

Statoil USA Onshore
Properties Inc.
Attn: Owner Relations
2107 City West Boulevard,
Suite 100
Houston, TX 77042