Hilde Merete Nafstad

”I am enthusiastic about new things and challenges, and that is probably what has driven me to change jobs. In addition, Statoil allows people to try their hand at different sectors,” says Hilde Merete Nafstad, currently holding a managerial position in the Natural gas business area in Stamford.

Development opportunities
Nafstad’s career spans a wide range of perspectives. She has been a manager in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, she has worked for the oil industry supplier Aker, and got a job in what was then Saga in 1997. Since then, she has had various jobs in Hydro and now Statoil.

”Statoil has also given me international opportunities. My current job in the US has taught me a lot about cultural differences, also when it comes to management cultures. Such experiences are useful for a leader,” Nafstad believes.

Broad and in-depth experience
During her career in Statoil, she has mainly held line manager positions, but she has also been a technical manager.
”I worked for some time in a strategy project. Concentrating on one specific issue and studying it in depth was great. As a line manager, you draw on the expertise of others, enabling you to cover a wider area by solving tasks through others. I believe having experience from both career ladders is valuable, and Statoil encourages this,” she adds.

Dare to take chances
Nafstad emphasises that she believes it is much more important to seize opportunities when they arise, and that a lot can be won by actively seeking new challenges.
”The greatest limitation is often that you feel safer where you are and that this is good enough. However, it is incredibly educational and developing to get to know new environments, areas of expertise and people,” says Nafstad.

The experienced leader believes that many different types of people are suited to leadership.
”Different types of people have different focus and interests and can complement each other in management teams. This is also about developing management skills, and Statoil is good at facilitating this, for example through courses at different levels,” says Nafstad.