To be successful we need your skills and personal commitment, effective leadership, and a value-based performance culture.

We establish and grow a partnership between our company and the individual based on clear expectations and a mutual commitment on how we behave, deliver and develop. 

What you should expect from our company and what the company expects from you

Statoil will:

  • Promote a stimulating working environment guided by our values and a commitment to your personal and professional development
  • Provide a good match between your professional interests and goals, and challenging and meaningful job opportunities
  • Build a high-performing environment, and give direct feedback on your performance
  • Recognise and reward your performance based equally on what you deliver and how you behave
  • Value diversity and provide equal opportunities.

You should:

  • Live our values in all aspects of your work
  • Recognise change is vital to our business. Commit to agreed objectives and strive to deliver beyond expectations
  • Take initiative and continuously look for ways to improve performance
  • Take responsibility for your learning and development, continuously build new skills and share your knowledge
  • Respect and motivate each other, be a team player and create effective working relationships
  • Be proactive in ensuring high-quality decision making. Once a decision is made, promote the decision, and focus your energy on execution.