The objective of Teach First Norway is to offer recently qualified science and maths master degree students a two-year development programme commencing with a period of intensive training in the UK. The candidates will then teach mathematics and science subjects at selected junior and senior high schools in Oslo, while at the same time participating in a demanding development programme by means of which they will achieve formal teaching competency during their first year.

The Department of Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Oslo is providing a specially adapted course in practical pedagogical training. During the programme’s second year, candidates will progress further by attending Statoil’s in-house training course.

Statoil is supporting this programme in order to:

  • Boost competency, results and interest in the natural sciences and mathematics in general
  • Enhance recruitment to higher education, research and to industry in the short and long term
  • Raise awareness of the teacher’s role and influence, particularly in the natural sciences and mathematics

Statoil will monitor the Teach First candidates’ development and performance as science teachers and as managers. Statoil may offer a job interview once they have completed the programme. If appointed to a position, the candidates will be included in the company’s global postgraduate entry programme.

The application process will be handled by Statoil in cooperation with the Education Agency in Oslo (UDE).

All candidates will be employed by and salaried by the City of Oslo. UDE is custodian of the programme and responsible for it.