Individual reward is given based on performance. Your performance is assessed equally on what you deliver and how you behave.

The reward systems are open, reputable, and non-discriminatory and support equal opportunities. The rewards shall strengthen the common interests of people in the Statoil group and its shareholders and be in accordance with statutory regulations and good corporate governance. We reward both short- and long-term contributions and results.

The main remuneration elements are base salary, variable pay and benefits. These elements together with non-financial rewards such as personal growth, development and recognition constitute a whole. The remuneration depends on your position and in some cases, your geographic location.

Individual, base salary:  Individual base salary reflects the employee's responsibilities, experience and competence.  It is reviewed annually based on performance ie.e. delivery and behaviour.

Variable pay:
Our employees participate in a corporate variable pay scheme or are eligible for local variable pay.  Levels and concepts may vary according to local markets and business needs.

Employee benefits:
Employees are eligle for benefits according to position levels and local markets.  Pension and insurance schemes, sick pay and flexible working hours apply in most of our entities.

Share saving scheme: Employees may participate in the group Share saving scheme.  The company will match every share bought with one bonus share if kept for a period of two calendar years.  A long-term incentive scheme with an obligation to invest in shares is implemented for senior executives and key professionals.

Personal growth and professional development:
Our internal job market provides numerous opportunities to embark on challenging career paths within the company.