Sporting activities

At some locations, we offer a wide range of games and sporting activities organised locally such as outdoor sports, cycling, handball, bridge, football, skiing, etc. Tournaments are arranged occasionally.

We recognise the importance for mental and physical time out. Throughout our offices, we provide coffee facilities and social spaces where people can meet, chat and network.

Statoil also has favourable agreements with local gyms and health clubs at certain locations.

Cultural activities

The individual office location offers reduced price tickets to a selection of cultural activities such as concerts, theatre shows, etc.

Statoil art  collection

We collect and display art from young and promising talents as well as already established artists. You will be able to enjoy fine art and architecture throughout our office locations. This is a stimulating and important element in our daily lives that contributes to a sense of joy and wellbeing and is an integrated part of our corporate culture.

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