Our learning culture

Our positive attitude towards learning is the foundation for Statoil’s reputation as a great place to develop your career. We provide extensive opportunities and support to help you develop, and we are all expected to contribute to growing the company. We want you to work and grow with other talented people, across disciplines or across geographies, and share your knowledge across our organisation. You will experience our strong learning culture on a daily basis as we develop together ‘on-the-job’.

On-the-job learning
We are committed to exposing you to new challenges and learning experiences through stretch assignments, working in a new role and other rich experiences. We strive to accelerate the learning from these experiences with frequent feedback, coaching, and mentoring. Formalised deployment processes help facilitate these rotation opportunities.
Though we move fast, we know it pays off to stop occasionally and reflect on what went well -- and where there are key improvement areas. This enables us to move forward with a deeper understanding and ideas to perform at our best. We take the initiative to solve a complex problem making use of our network of talented colleagues across the globe. We value sharing knowledge the ‘old fashioned way’, in the hallways and on the phone, and though our state-of-the-art collaboration tools.

We have formalized processes for on-the-job learning, but these are also done informally, especially when working closely with peers in our professional networks. The key attitude that drives on-the-job learning at Statoil is each of us taking responsibility for our own development and supporting the development of those around us.

Formal learning programmes 
We offer learning programmes through our corporate university, LEAP (Learn – Engage – Advance – Perform) including academies and learning portfolios embedded in discipline areas in the business e.g. value chain processes. We get the most impact from these more intensive learning experiences when we blend them with our on-the-job learning approach.

Our People@Statoil process
Our People process (People@Statoil) helps you to plan your next challenges and arrange support needed to grow and succeed. This process for regular dialogues with your manager about your performance and development will help you be confident that you are pursuing the right learning opportunities to grow and deliver on the most important challenges to Statoil.