New Teach First candidates ready 

The Teach First Norway (TFN) programme is set to run for the fourth time in autumn 2013.


Teach First Norway candidates in Oslo 2013: Mikkel Brudvik Sanderud (from the left, sitting), Carl-Martin Nymark, Oda Dahlen, Christel Vieuille, Lars Dahle, Siri Olsen, Stig Conradi Rønningen and Thomas Odijk Håvardstun. From the left, standing: Åsmund Fløystad Monsen, Axel Lødemel Holene, Trond Olsen Storrønning and Nikolai Austarheim.
(All photos: Fredrik Naumann/AP Images for Statoil)

TFN is a collaborative project between the City of Oslo, the University of Oslo and Statoil. The new candidates all hold a master's degree in science and mathematics subjects. The candidates were presented during a ceremony in Oslo City Hall on 6 May.
The 14 talents who make up this year's TFN class will be working full time as teachers at schools in Oslo while continuing further education.


André Steinsett Mathiesen, HR manager in Statoil.

The first year includes a specially designed undergraduate teacher training programme under the auspices of the University of Oslo. In their second year, the candidates will take part in a management development programme sponsored by Statoil.

After completing the two-year Teach First programme, the candidates will be given the chance to continue working at a school in Oslo. Statoil also offers personal job interviews to candidates who may be interested in working for the company.

This means that some of the candidates may be considered for employment in Statoil after completing the programme, subject to application and assessment.

"Statoil supports TFN because we want to encourage interest in science and mathematics in general and in our industry specifically. We need increased recruitment of science graduates for education, research and the work force in general. And we want to recruit more women to our industry," André Steinsett Mathiesen, HR manager in Statoil, told the candidates during the opening ceremony.


Oda Dahlen, one of this year's new Teach First candidates.

He highlighted the value of the candidates learning the art of teaching, and creating interest and enthusiasm for science and mathematics at the lower and upper secondary school level.

"The TFN programme is right up my street," says Oda Dahlen, one of this year's new Teach First candidates.

She holds a master's in Nanotechnology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), grew up in a family of teachers and has always wanted to work as a teacher. While she was a student, she worked as a substitute teacher and taught lower secondary school science and mathematics.

"It's what gives me energy, helping people master these subjects. It's amazing to hear students burst out, 'but fractions are so easy!' after struggling to understand for a long time," says Oda.

Statoil's commitment to Teach First is part of the company's focus on science and technology subjects and the talent development programme Heroes of Tomorrow. Through this programme, we support talents within science and technology, sports and culture.



Teach First Norway

  • A development programme for newly qualified master's/PhD students from all over Norway. During the two-year project period, they work as mathematics/science teachers in lower and upper secondary schools in Oslo while continuing a challenging development programme.

  • After completing the programme, the candidates are guaranteed permanent employment at a school in Oslo and a job interview with Statoil.

  • Statoil supports the programme to contribute to:

    - Strengthening expertise, results and interest in science and mathematics among pupils in general

    - Strengthening recruitment to higher education, research and the work force in the short and long term

    - Strengthening awareness of the role and influence teachers have, especially within natural science and mathematics