«And the winner is». The students from Skeisvang upper secondary school, Kenneth André  Sydness (left), Simen-Andreas Gjerde and Joachim  Reiersen together with Statoil’s SVP Jannicke Nilsson. (Photo: Helge Hansen)

Statoil wishes to stimulate interest in and boost motivation for science and technology subjects. Each year Statoil invites second-year upper secondary school students in Norway to take part in a science competition. This year’s winners are three students from Skeisvang upper secondary school in Haugesund and three from Nadderud upper secondary school in Bærum.

The competition assignment, addressing future energy challenges, is prepared in line with the national physics and chemistry curriculum, and may be used, for instance, as a project in the ordinary lessons. Schools may enter teams composed of two or three members in the competition.


The students from Nadderud upper secondary school, Tollak Braaten (left), Petter Taule and Petter Reistad grabbed one of the two first prizes

Statoil’s Natural Science Award is a part of the Heroes of Tomorrow sponsorship programme. A collaboration between Statoil and six regional science centres in Norway the competition has been an annual event since 2002. The science centres organise regional finals, and the best answers are entered in the national competition. The award ceremony was held today in connection with Statoil’s Energy Seminar in Bergen.

The NOK 50 000 first prize goes to the class of the winning students.

The money must be spent on a scientific excursion, etc. The individual winners also get to visit a North Sea facility.

Two national winners were chosen in the Statoil 2012 Natural Science Award competition. Two student teams, one from Rogaland and one from Akershus, were selected for their excellent entries in the competition.  The winners are: Joachim Reiersen, Kenneth André Sydness and Simen-Andreas Gjerde from Skeisvang upper secondary school in Haugesund, and Petter Taule, Tollak Braaten and Petter Reistad from Nadderud upper secondary school in Bærum.