Security is the prevention of and protection against deliberate and malicious acts intended to harm the company, its employees and customers. Security is everybody’s responsibility.

In Statoil security is everybody’s responsibility. Leaders are accountable for protecting our people and business by continuously identifying, understanding and acting to reduce security risks. We all play a role in being vigilant, complying with security requirements at all times, and reporting incidents and concerns.

In Statoil we operate with a clear distinction between safety and security:

  • Safety: protection against accidents
  • Security: protection against malicious intent

We all have to understand the risks we face, and act to ensure we are all safe and secure.

Good security begins with the behaviour and actions of each and every one of us – how we think and act each day at work and at home. By being aware of, and thinking through, our daily routines and actions, we can all contribute to our own and Statoil’s security.

The ability to keep our people, operations and information secure from malicious threats is a key factor in maintaining our licence to operate and being a successful business.

Failure to meet security expectations may result in injury to our people, damage to our facilities, loss of production or information, and in the worst case, loss of life.

Security comprises three areas: 

Physical security
Physical security measures are designed to safeguard personnel; to prevent unauthorised access to facilities, equipment, and documents; and to safeguard against eavesdropping, sabotage, damage, and theft.
Information security
Information security protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Information security ensures that only authorised users can access the company’s privileged information.
Personnel security
Personnel security protects against those who exploit legitimate access to our assets for unauthorised purposes. Through a system of policies and procedures, we seek to manage the risk of people using, or intending to use, their legitimate access to our assets for unauthorised purposes.

Statoil's security department is organised under corporate safety (CSF).