In Statoil, we believe that our jobs are stimulating and that our working methods foster creativity and efficiency. A good working environment is important to the individual employee and essential to successful goal achievement.

By "working environment," we mean not only interaction between people, but also technical conditions — that is, everything related to man, technology and organisation.         

We aim to offer our employees full security against physical and mental harm, and prevent occupational injuries and diseases. The employee also has a responsibility to acquire and maintain skills relevant to his/her own working environment and take care of his/her own health.

Project development

When planning new workplaces, we set high standards for health and the working environment. Evaluating health risks and identifying measures to remove or reduce risks are important parts of decision-making at important milestones of a project.

We have professionals with relevant expertise, for example within physical, chemical, ergonomic and organisational working environment conditions, as well as knowledge of possible effects on health, safety and productivity. We strive for good interaction between people, technology and organisation.

Risk management      

Our workplaces and our employees are monitored through the identification and evaluation of relevant health risks, and actions implemented. We have developed a risk evaluation tool for chemicals, noise and psycho-social risks.

If conditions injurious to health are suspected, the manager will implement actions and track these, supported by health and work environment personnel. Organisation and management systems must be designed to ensure effective work processes and facilitate personnel development and well-being.

Occupational health service

On offshore installations the occupational health service takes care of injured and sick personnel. All installations are covered by a search and rescue service (SAR).

Health advice, monitoring and vaccines are offered in connection with international travel activities and operations, and the necessary health-related preparedness is established.