An ADS (American Depositary Share) is the share issued under the ADR agreement which is actually traded.

Statoil ADSs are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol STO. Each Statoil ADS represents the right to receive one ordinary share and are evidenced by an ADR.

Statoil's depositary for ADRs is Deutsche Bank.

 ADR Information  
 Symbol STO 
 CUSIP  85771P102
 Børs Nyse 
 Ratio 1:1 
 Land Norway 

DB Global Direct Investor Services Program

The DB Global Direct Investor Services Program offers investors a variety of convenient, low cost services to make it easier to invest in American Depositary Shares. DB Global Direct is administered by Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas and allows new and existing holders to make ADR purchases, sell ADRs and reinvest dividends.

ADR administration

If you have any questions about your ADR holding or Deutche Bank’s dividend reinvestment plan, or if you require any other assistance (eg, to notify a change of address, canceling or transferring ADR certificates, problems relating to lost, destroyed or stolen receipts or to give dividend instructions to a bank account), please contact below:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
(800) 937-5449
(718) 921-8124

Ordinary shareholders wishing to convert shares into ADSs, or Beneficial ADS holders into ordinary shares may contact Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Broker Service Desk on +44 207 547 6500 or +1 212 250 9100.