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Questions relating to share portfolios, dividends, account status and participation in the annual general meeting (AGM) should be addressed to our account registrar.

About Statoil share

Tax issues related to Hydro and Statoil merger

Where can I find Statoil’s current and previous share prices?

Who are shareholders in Statoil ASA?

Which analysts are following Statoil?

Where are Statoil ASA shares traded and under what code?

Are there different types of Statoil shares?

Transfer, purchase or sale of shares

How can I purchase or sell Statoil shares?

How do I find out how much my Statoil shares are worth?

How do I find out how many Statoil shares I own?

How can I change my bank details related to dividend payments?

What do I do if a shareholder dies?

I don’t have a Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS) number. How do I obtain one?

Statoil’s account registrar

What does an account registrar do?

Who is Statoil’s account registrar?

What services does Statoil’s account registrar provide?



    When is the dividend announced?

    When do I have to be registered as a shareholder for entitlement to the dividend?

    Where do I find the dividend amount paid out in previous years?


    How do I register for the AGM?

    Who can participate and vote at the AGM?

    How can I exercise my right to vote if I am not present at the AGM?

    What percentage of shareholders was represented at the last AGM?

    When and where will the next AGM be held?

    Statoil shares on the NYSE

    Under what code are Statoil shares traded in the USA?

    What is an ADR?

    Statoil's account registrar
    DNB Bank ASA
    Dronning Eufemias gate 30, Bygg M-10S
    0191 Oslo

    Epost: kua@dnb.no
    Telefon: +47 23 26 80 21
    Telefax: +47 22 48 11 71