Exhibition: British contemporary: Tom Hunter 

In cooperation with Rogaland Theatre we are delighted to present the very famous "Persons Unknown" series by Tom Hunter.


Woman Reading a Possession Order, 1997. C-print. 152 x 122 cm. Edition of five. Tom Hunter (British, born 1965) © Tom Hunter 2011. Statoil art collection
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Tom Hunter is one of the leading art photographers and has been exhibited internationally in several major solo and group shows. Many regard the Persons Unknown series as his "breakthrough" on the international art scene.

Tom Hunter lives and works in East London and his work is often particular, but not exclusive, to his community and neighbourhood.

In the Persons Unknown series Hunter captures the lives of squatters living in Hackney, East London, through a series of photographs which allude to the paintings of the 17th century painter, Jan Vermeer.

Several of the photographs in the series have become iconic and taken their place in the history of photography.


Saturday 12 May 2012 at 17.00.
Rogaland Theatre, Teaterveien1, Stavanger, Norway


  • Welcome by Arne Nøst, theatre manager, Rogaland Theatre
  • Introduction to the Statoil art programme by Jens R Jenssen, leader, Statoil art programme
  • Introduction to the exhibition by Arnt N Fredheim, Statoil art programme
Refreshment will be served.

The opening is followed by the premiere of the Festen by Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov and Bo Hr Hansen.

An illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Curator: Arnt N Fredheim

Welcome to this East London journey.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond with the opening hours of the foyer in Rogaland Theatre.

British contemporary: Tom Hunter

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British contemporary: Tom Hunter

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Exhibited works – Tom Hunter
Exhibition: Opening: British contemporary: Tom Hunter
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14.05.2012 British Contemporary: Tom Hunter virtualwallworld
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12.05.2012 Exhibition opening: British Contemporary: Tom Hunter and premiere of the Festen by Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov and Bo Hr Hansen in Rogaland Theatre, Stavanger, Norway

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