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  1. 2016-05-30Gas pioneer Heimdal turns 30NEWSFor 30 years the Heimdal field has been an important gas supplier to Europe and, together with Statfjord and Gullfaks, contributed to the establishment of Statpipe.
  2. 2016-05-30Commencement of subscription period for the Dividend Issue for the fourth quarter 2015 under the Scrip Dividend Programme – FOR SHAREHO ... NEWSNOT FOR RELEASE IN OR INTO CANADA, JAPAN, AUSTRIA, POLAND, ESTONIA, ICELAND OR ANY...
  3. 2016-05-30Publication of prospectus and commencement of subscription period for the Dividend Issue for the fourth quarter 2015 under the Scrip Di ... NEWS - Stock market announcement Reference is made to the previous announcements by Statoil ASA (OSE:STL, NYSE:STO,...
  4. 2016-05-26Three wells for the price of one NEWSOld and partly lost slots that were given up as providers of new production triggered new solutions for Snorre B. The result was three wells with an average price of NOK 170 million, compared to NOK 4 ...
  5. 2016-05-23Cancellation of rig contractNEWSStatoil has, on behalf of the Aasta Hansteen licence, decided to cancel the contract with Seadrill for the West Hercules drilling rig.
  6. 2016-05-23Primary insiders to participate in Statoil's scrip dividend programmeNEWS - Notifiable trading Reference is made to Statoil's (OSE:STL, NYSE: STO) two-year scrip dividend programme approved by the annual general meeting on 11 May 2016.
  7. 2016-05-23Announcement of dividend per share for fourth quarter 2015 in NOKNEWS - Stock market announcement Statoil (OSE:STL, NYSE: STO) announced 4 February 2016 dividend per share of USD 0.2201 for fourth quarter 2015.
  8. 2016-05-20Statoil’s share saving plan allocates sharesNEWS - Notifiable trading The shares purchased by DNB on behalf of Statoil ASA (OSE: STL, NYSE:STO) on 13 May 2016 for use in the group's Share Saving Plan have on 19 May 2016 been distributed to the employees in accordance wi ...
  9. 2016-05-19Correction: Error in reporting of trade subject to notificationNEWS - Notifiable trading This is a correction of the announcement from 08:24 10.05.2016 CEST. Reason for the correction: Missing number in the share trading reporting of a primary insider’s spouse.
  10. 2016-05-18Statoil awarded considerable position in 23rd licensing roundNEWSThe Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has awarded five licences to Statoil in the 23rd licensing round, four as operator and one as partner.