The Oseberg Field Centre includes three platforms, Oseberg A, B and D, connected to one another with bridges, in the southern part of the Oseberg field, and the Oseberg C platform, which lies 14 kilometres north of the field centre.

Oseberg A
is a concrete base platform with process equipment and living quarters, while Oseberg B sits atop a steel jacket and has drilling, production and injection equipment.

Oseberg D is a steel platform with gas processing and export equipment. It was connected to the Field Centre with a bridge in 1999.

Oseberg C is an integrated drilling, accommodation and production platform with a steel jacket.

Gas export started from the Oseberg Field Centre on October 1, 2000. This represented the beginning of a new era for the Oseberg field and for Hydro as an offshore operator.


Production from the Tune field (gas and condensate) is transported to the Oseberg Field Centre. Condensate is sent on to the land-based Sture terminal, and the gas injected into the Oseberg field.

Field Centre equipment is also used to handle oil and gas from the Oseberg Øst and Oseberg Sør satellite fields.

Oil from the Oseberg area is transported through the Oseberg Transport System (OTS) to the Sture terminal.

Oil from the Oseberg Sør, Oseberg Øst, Brage and Veslefrikk fields is also pumped through the same transport system.

The gas is transported to market via the Oseberg Gas Transport (OGT) pipeline and into the Statpipe and Vesterled systems via the Heimdal Gas Centre.