Sustainable oil and gas production in the Arctic will be an important contributor to securing supply for the growing global energy demand.

With an estimated 25 per cent of the remaining yet to find oil and gas resources in the world located in the Arctic, energy companies are now exploring the region with increased fervor.

Statoil has been building upon its 40 years of experience from the rough weather conditions on the Norwegian continental shelf and secured a strong portfolio across the Arctic. We now have licences in Arctic waters in the US, Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. Using the experienced gathered across operations in these countries will be a key component to successful developments.

Drawing on technology, competence and experience from harsh weather operations, Statoil takes to the Arctic with strong focus on safe operations and respect for the environment.

Statoil has a strong focus on Arctic areas. Intense research and development programmes are tailored to meet the challenges ahead in technology such as drilling and production systems, long distance transportation of unprocessed oil and gas, material science, oil spill response, health and working environment in cold climate. 

A stepwise approach will allow us to learn from each experience and further develop our competence. In the coming decades solutions to these challenges will form the basis for new Arctic projects and Statoil’s portfolio has positioned the company play an important role in this development.