Here are some key facts about our operations:

912 of our employees are resident in the three northernmost counties. This makes us the biggest oil and gas industry employer, currently providing work for 3,456 persons in Northern Norway. In total the sector had a turnover of NOK 3.8 billion in 2008.

The Snøhvit gas field was the first field development in the Barents Sea. Statoil is operator for the Melkøya facility in Hammerfest, which has an operational budget of NOK 1.4 billion per annum, fifty percent of which is applied locally. With 250 direct employees, and just as many supplier man-years, the Snøhvit development has had a substantial ripple effect on Hammerfest. Research into the impact of the development indicates that the number of jobs in the town rose from 4,600 in 2002 to 5,900 in 2007, an increase of 30%. The influx of younger persons has helped to raise competency levels and improve the demographic profile. In addition, the municipality is now the beneficiary of annual property taxes amounting to around NOK 150 million.

Oil production on the Norne field came on stream in 1997, and since February 2001 the field has also exported gas from a floating production ship. A helicopter base in Brønnøysund accounting for 19 man-years – plus a supply base in Sandnessjøen accounting for 40 man-years – currently service the Norne field, which has an annual operational budget of NOK 1 billion, of which a quarter is allocated locally. 

Statoil’s Harstad office currently employs about 280 employees. The operations centre for the Norne field is located here. It holds responsibility for exploration activity and field development in the far north. The exploration milieu in Harstad has been considerably enhanced in recent years and is now on a par with that at head office in Stavanger. Statoil’s industrial coordinator for Northern Norway is also situated in Harstad.