The northern Norwegian company Noweco has signed a contract directly with Statoil that includes work here at Hammerfest LNG. (Photo: Harald Pettersen)

When Statoil recently signed frame agreements for operational inspection it was Harstad based Noweco that landed the contracts for Hammerfest LNG and the Norne field in the Norwegian Sea.


Noweco’s general manager Hans Peder Olsen with the freshly signed contract. Industry coordinator and business developer Sissel Anita Kobro of Statoil is pleased to have signed the contract with a supplier from northern Norway. (Photo: Vidar Hardeland)

“A direct contract with Statoil is tremendously important,” says Noweco general manager Hans Peder Olsen. We have now achieved a long-term perspective in our contract portfolio that allows us to build up a stable personnel base in Hammerfest.”

The company was previously a subcontractor to Statoil’s plants. Now, as a direct supplier, they satisfy Statoil’s requirements higher up in the value chain. Olsen believes that this boosts their competence as a main supplier:

“Landing such a contract with an oil company was a strategic goal for 2010. We are delighted to have achieved this.”

More northern Norwegian suppliers

Industry coordinator and business developer Sissel Anita Kobro in Statoil is pleased:
“This contract award shows that our long-term efforts to obtain more suppliers in northern Norway have been successful.”

Kobro, who holds the principal responsibility for the supplier development in northern Norway programme (LUNN), says: “We wish to have suppliers who are close to our plants and locations. This boosts our preparedness and financial efficiency.”

Smaller contracts

There is more than one way of achieving this goal: strategic, long-term choices and more short-term ones, such as dividing up contracts, for example.

The frame contracts for operational inspection have been taken out of much more extensive maintenance and modification contracts. Shorter contracts also mean that local companies can submit bids and compete as Noweco did.

“The fact that Noweco has been awarded the frame contract for operational inspection on Norne and at Hammerfest LNG (previously Snøhvit), shows that they are competitive and that they deliver top quality services,” said Kobro at the recent signing ceremony.

Hans Peder Olsen emphasises that LUNN and the industrial collaboration Petro Arctic have been important tools for them in terms of both information and experience transfer.

Local labour requirement

The requirement, when awarding the major maintenance and modification contracts for Norne and Hammerfest LNG, is that at least 70% of the work relating to administration and design should be linked to Statoil’s operations offices in Hammerfest and Harstad.

Other northern Norwegian companies are subcontractors to Aibel: the Momek Group, Hålogaland Oil and Energy, Hammerfest Industriservice A/S and Kimek Offshore.

“All this is a result of our long-term cooperation with Statoil’s procurement staff. This is work which we intend to continue,” says Kobro.


Statoil VP for procurement and logistics Kjell Kristoffersen, Noweco’s general manager Hans Peder Olsen, Statoils industry coordinator Sissel Anita Kobro and Statoil’s Jan-Fredrik Størkesen of strategic procuremet were all involved in obtaining the Noweco contract. (Photo: Vidar Hardeland)

Supplier development in northern Norway (LUNN) is a programme for developing a competent, solid and competitive northern Norwegian supplier industry able to offer produces and services to the petroleum industry.


Research Council in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark
Innovation Norway in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark
PetroArtic and LoVe Petro (Industry network)
Kunnskapsparken Nord (Industrial incubator Harstad)
ProBarents (Industrial incubator Hammerfest)

The remaining contracts for operational inspection were awarded to:
Aker Offshore Partner AS
AGR Emiteam AS and
Axess AS