Anchor production for the Aasta Hansteen-project, 2014
(Photo: Harald Pettersen, Statoil)

By introducing the Supplier mailbox, we seek an open and direct dialogue with our suppliers. We hope to see both general and project specific suggestions for improvements that will enhance both existing partnerships and our own competitiveness. Our suppliers possess a unique knowledge of Statoil’s policies and routines paired with deep industry knowledge. This combination is highly valuable to us.

The purpose of this effort is also to meet our suppliers’ request for a feedback mechanism to Statoil. By participating, the suppliers will benefit from increased influence over polices and hopefully better systems. By involving suppliers in decision-making, we believe our comprehensive efficiency focus will span the entire value chain.

The trial period runs until the end of September2015, and this trial applies to all modification suppliers throughout the value chain with framework agreements with Statoil. The suggestions for improvements are processed by STEP together with the relevant business unit, which also provides the suppliers with feedback.

We are conscious that there might be quite a few inquiries, so we kindly ask for your patience and understanding, should our response not follow immediately. We cannot guarantee that all suggestions are taken into account; however, we strive to implement sound recommendations.

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