Future contracts 


Statoil wants to make conditions favourable for viable and highly competitive suppliers. Our activities depend on good and stable deliveries from both small and large supplier companies worldwide. Between 60% and 95% of the content of our deliveries is provided by our suppliers and we believe that cooperation and interaction with them are essential to produce the energy we need for the future.

At the moment Statoil has a register of around 12,000 supplier companies. Adding the large number of sub-suppliers of our main suppliers the spinoff effects of Statoil contracts may be even more comprehensive and complex. Operating in a global market we seek to establish and maintain relations with tenderers who help us provide secure and proper deliveries in a competitive manner. We find it important that our contract strategies ensure the required capacity, competition, diversity and flexibility. 

We wish to provide existing and potential Statoil suppliers with a full overview of our coming assignments and the scope of our projects. We will therefore be publishing such an overview – listing future contracts and projects planned – on findcontracts.no, a web portal developed by Navitas Network in collaboration with Statoil, Shell, Aibel and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

We hope that this overview will make it easier for suppliers to find the right partners and compete for Statoil contracts. It is important for Statoil to promote openness and constancy and so enable the supplier industry to invest in competency, capacity, technology and local presence.