The Etzel Gas-Lager

In the 1980s gas consumption in Germany rose rapidly, and with it the demand for gas. This development shifted renewed focus to the Etzel salt dome in Ostfriesland, the north-western part of Germany. Its specific geological and geoeconomic characteristics make it ideal for storing natural resources.

In 1986 Norway and Germany signed new gas supply agreements.
The producers agreed to guarantee gas supplies even in the event of potential disruptions. The Norwegian energy company Statoil began establishing a gas storage facility in the Etzel salt dome. The Etzel Gas-Lager was founded and 1993 operations have started.

The Etzel facility is tied to the receiving facilities in Emden and the NETRA pipeline.

After more than 15 years of successful gas storage and operation of the facilities, the partners E.ON Gas Storage, Statoil Deutschland Storage and
Total Etzel Gaslager decided in 2006 to extend the facility by adding ten caverns, thus securing Etzel as a key gas site.

Statoil Deutschland Storage is the storage system operator for its share of the facility.

Today Etzel Gas-Lager has a total of nineteen caverns. The working gas capacity has been increased from around 500 million to over 1.2 billion standard cubic metres.