Our research is organized in different programs throughout the oil and gas value chain, in addition to business challenges connected to Gulf of Mexico and oil sand in Canada.

Producing technology and knowledge which will strengthen our positions in important exploration areas.

Increased recovery
Improved reservoir models and new drilling and well solutions at reduced costs, and maturing of resources into profitable reserves for development

New development solutions
Develop cost effective technologies realising crude oil and gas fields

Oil and gas value chain
Competitive and sustainable technology for heavy oil, refining and gas value chain

New energy and HSE
Research into new forms of energy and cost-effective solutions in HSE.

Gulf of Mexico
Develop new technologies quickly and cost effective.

Extra heavy oil
Energy efficient - and smart solutions for producing oil sand and other onshore plants

Lab and test facilities
Operate and further develop laboratories and test facilities. Statoil have three research centre in Norway (Trondheim, Bergen and Porsgrunn/Kårstø) in addition to a heavy oil technology centre in Canada.

The R&D cluster is responsible for:

  • Building and profiling the group's leading technology positions through internationally recognized R&D results
  • Establishing and executing the R&D project portfolio reflecting the corporate technology strategy
  • Developing the group’s R&D competence
  • Pushing and positioning the group for the future’s big technology leaps by looking beyond our current business
  • Further develop HSE area
  • Operate and further develop our world-class laboratories and experimental rigs