Technology management 

Our goal is to help develop the tools we need to meet our challenges. Innovation, invention and improvement in all phases and processes of industry will lead to higher levels of performance across all our global activities.

How can we meet the need for innovation? First, we are actively tapping into the enormous resource of creative energy that exists beyond our company. Through, we’re inviting the world’s original thinkers and experts to contribute to finding creative solutions to our challenges.

Statoil has identified seven technology areas as areas of particular interest for development and innovation: Exploration, Reservoir, Drilling and well, Frontier facilities, Processing and refining, Environmental, and New energy/renewables. However, we are also interested in new ideas across all areas of our activities.

We invite you to explore our activities on these pages and to share your ideas with us through There are specific challenges on the site for which we accept submissions and there are opportunities to submit general ideas as well.

Contacting Statoil with your concept can have many benefits, including access to the skill and competence of our staff, and connection to our strong track record of successful partnerships. Join us at to learn about the submissions process and the benefits of collaborating with Statoil.

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