Moments – London by night 

Late November 2010, I was travelling through London. The city streets were covered with Christmas lights, and walking by the river Thames, this little food vendor caught my eye.

London by night Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland, Statoil

I liked how its metallic exterior reflected all the little lights and how it sort of blended in with the dark purple sky. The bright light inside of the wagon really stood out due to its color temperature, creating an interesting look to the image.

At that moment I didn’t think more about it but when I came home and saw the picture on screen, I realized that the saleswoman looked directly at me when I took the picture. In photography I find this particularly interesting because it says something about the photographer’s presence. Instead of being a “fly on the wall”, my presence is somehow revealed. In other words, I might have captured her, but she certainly caught me doing it. This creates a clear connection with anyone viewing the picture, a very powerful communicational tool in photography.

Ole Jørgen Bratland
Photographer, Statoil
Ole Jørgen Bratland (b.1979) is a photographer with Statoil since 2010. He lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

He is involved in several campaigns, developing and building a strong visual identity for the company, as well as documenting Statoil's business onshore and offshore.

In 2009, Ole Jørgen graduated cum laude from the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He holds a bachelor degree in photography and visual communications.

In the "Moments" series he will present a picture with his reflection each month.