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  1. 2014-12-16Development plan for Gullfaks Rimfaks valley submittedNEWSStatoil and its partners have decided to develop the Rutil discovery located in the Gullfaks Rimfaks valley in the North Sea. Providing close to 80 million barrels of oil equivalent, the development w ...
  2. 2014-12-15Statoil’s share saving plan allocates sharesNEWS - Notifiable trading The shares purchased by DNB on behalf of Statoil ASA (OSE:STL, NYSE:STO) on 10 December 2014 for use in the group's share saving plan have on 12 December 2014 been distributed to the employees in acco ...
  3. 2014-12-11Notifiable tradingNEWS - Notifiable trading On behalf of Statoil (OSE:STL, NYSE:STO), DNB has on 10 December 2014 purchased 748,450 shares for use in the group's Share saving plan.
  4. 2014-12-09Statoil adds permits to New Zealand portfolioNEWSStatoil has been awarded four new exploration permits offshore New Zealand, building on its existing position. This deepens and diversifies Statoil’s long-term portfolio.
  5. 2014-12-05Statoil extending rig suspensionsNEWSDue to overcapacity in the rig portfolio the suspension periods for COSL Pioneer, Scarabeo 5 and Songa Trym have been extended.
  6. 2014-12-04Statoil ASA - notifiable tradingNEWS - Notifiable trading The following primary insider in Statoil ASA (OSE: STL, NYSE: STO) has purchased shares in Statoil ASA:
  7. 2014-12-02First oil from Gulf of Mexico Jack/St. Malo projectNEWSOil and natural gas production started today from the partner-operated Jack/St. Malo project in the US Gulf of Mexico. Statoil’s expected production from the combined fields is 23,000 barrels of oil e ...
  8. 2014-12-01Snorre 2040 project schedule adjustmentNEWSThe Snorre partnership has decided to adjust the schedule for the ongoing Snorre 2040 project by postponing the planned date for DG2 from March 2015 to October 2015.
  9. 2014-12-01New transaction with Wintershall now completedNEWSStatoil has now completed the transaction with the German oil and gas company Wintershall to farm down in Aasta Hansteen, Asterix and Polarled and exit two assets—the non-core Vega and Gjøa fields—on ...
  10. 2014-11-28Statoil recommended as Johan Sverdrup operatorNEWSThe Johan Sverdrup partners have agreed to recommend Statoil as operator for all phases of the field.