Mikkel has been producing gas and condensate (light oil) since 1 August 2003.

This field lies 35 kilometres south of the Midgard deposit on Statoil’s Åsgard field in the Norwegian Sea.  It has been developed with a subsea production facility tied back to the seabed installations on Midgard, which in turn form part of the Åsgard development.

The Mikkel system comprises two subsea templates with a total of three production wells.  Mikkel is the first in a series of fields in this part of the Norwegian Sea which have become developable with the aid of infrastructure established with the Åsgard development.

The condensate will go in existing flowlines to the Åsgard C storage ship for export, while gas is piped through the Åsgard Transport trunkline to the Kårstø complex north of Stavanger.