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Statoil fourth quarter results 2017 & Capital Markets Update 2018. London, February 7th

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Highlights of 2017: Our year in review

What a year! In Statoil, we feel that we have a lot to be proud of in 2017. We’d like to share some of our achievements and results with you here. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Tallest, biggest, deepest…and craziest:

Ten world records set by the oil industry

Gigantic platforms, amazing feats of engineering—and the world’s deepest concert, 288 metres under the sea. The oil industry is full of world records. Here are ten you may not have heard of. 

Are you interested in a summer internship with Statoil?

Would you like to work for us this summer? We are offering paid internships in Norway, England, Scotland and Russia for six to eight weeks during the summer of 2018. 

Current topics

  • Norway

    We are now celebrating 50 years of oil and gas activities in Norway. We have much to be proud of and are only half way.

  • Johan Sverdrup

    Johan Sverdrup is one of the five largest oil fields on the NCS and will come on stream in 2019.

  • Johan Castberg

    The Johan Castberg (formerly Skrugard) field is situated approximately 100 kilometres north of the Snøhvit-field in the Barents Sea.

Statoil has embarked on our digital journey, investing to secure a global leadership position within digitalisation. Find out about our digital roadmap and Centre of Digital Excellence here.

IN FOCUS: Drone inspection of offshore wind turbines

José Vega-Lozano

Picture this: You need to inspect Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm, which has been operating for 5 years. 88 turbines, with 3 blades each. That’s a lot of blades, 264 to be precise. You could spend 44 days visiting each one by boat, climbing each tower, but that would mean 352 personnel transfers and 176 lifting operations. Or you could survey them by drone. That’s what Dale Symonds’ team did. It halved the time to 20 days—and what’s more, he says they’re the best images they’ve ever had.

Statoil is investing in a secure and sustainable energy future for the UK, with innovative offshore wind projects, upstream operations and reliable piped natural gas.

Engineers of tomorrow do battle with Lego robots

14,000 children take part in the First Lego League, and at the beginning of December the final round of the competition was held at Statoil’s office at Fornebu in Oslo. See the videos!

An international energy player

US shale interest owners: key information

Modern Slavery Statement

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